It was dinnertime, and Zaptor, Teslo, and Volectro were having what Zaptor didn't want to eat - plowers!

"Just try some plowers, Zaptor?" asked Volectro.

"NO!" Zaptor snapped.

"Come on, fellow Electroid. It's very healthy." Teslo pleaded.

"No!" snapped Zaptor again. "I want a hamlogna sandwich!"

"Zaptor, the last time you ate a plower, you said it wasn't so bad, remember?" said Volectro.

"NO!" Zaptor banged the dining room table with his fists.

"Zaptor, if you don't eat a plower, then you won't get seconds when we have cookironies!" said Teslo.

"But that's not fair!"

Zaptor became very angry. He threw his dinner at the wall and it shattered into pieces the size of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Teslo got very angry with Zaptor. Zaptor got in big trouble by his leader. Zaptor got punished. He wasn't allowed to go to the Infernites' barbecue. Zaptor became very angry. He glared angrily at Teslo and told him, "You're as evil as Major Nixel!" And then he went up to his room in tears.

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