This is an episode by WatermelonSunshine.


(Mixels logo is shown over a street in Mixel Land. The camera soon pans down on Zaptor.)

Zaptor: I'm hungry.

(An angel flies down to Zaptor.)

Angel: ZAPTOR! You have 24 hours to live! (Conjures up a potion and a Hamlogna Sandwich.) If you want to get everlasting life, choose one of these! But, make the wrong choice, and you will explode, then come back, then explode, then come back, then explode again, then come back, then-

Zaptor: I GET it!

Angel: Where was I? Oh, right. So, which one will it be? The everlasting life potion or the Hamlogna Sandwich?

Zaptor: That's a no-brainer! The Hamlogna Sandwich! (Eats sandwich. He explodes, then comes back. Then explodes, then comes back. Then explodes, then comes back. You get the idea.)

(Angel starts dancing to "Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine)" by the Vengaboys.)



  • Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) is the Dance Person's anthem.
  • WatermelonSunshine was too lazy to create a separate page for the transcript.

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