— Wobbuffet, ?/?/199something
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Wobbuffet flirting inappropriately with it's waifu while it's Wynaut children are watching.

Wobbuffet is the greatest Pokemon to ever be created.


  • HP: It says something like 78 or something when it is secretly invincible.
  • Evolution: None, it cannot be better.
  • De-evolution: Wynaut. Because WYNAUT?


  • Mirror Barrier (Makes it invulnerable despite already being invulnerable.)
  • Rolling Tackle (All of it's opponents are fainted when used.)
  • Anything else


  • It is common to see one with lipstick on. That means that it has a Senpai-XOXO-OTP-husband.
  • The leader works for Team Rokit. All hail Team Rokit! Screw Team Rocket! Make them blast off again!
  • You cannot start flame wars with it. It is stronger than Mew and it's evolutions. It'll use Mirror Barrier if you try to verbally attack it.

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