(Note: Lucario has Pokemon speak in this. Oh, and Hyper gave Vampos a lisp due to his teeth blocking his mouth. May be changed.)

Vampos: Okay, tho wath Goat Thimulator about?

Lucario: Lucario! Lucario!

Vampos: I don't underthand you, Lucario.

Zorch: Haven't heard of it bro. Let's play anyways man!

Vampos: Okay! Tho, I'm playing ath thith little goat, tho what am I thuppothed to do?

(Walks up to car and headbutts it)

Zorch: WOAH! Did you see that man? That was awesome!

Vampos: Thith game ith very illogical. Wath thith intentional?

Zorch: Wait a second... (Watches video) Yes bro. It is. Intentional.


(Goes on rampage and destroys tons of things)

(3 hours later) (Everyone takes turns and such) (Duh) (#Logic)

Vampos: WE OWN IT ALL.

(Goat enters room where Lucario, Zorch, and Vampos are in)

Lucario: Lu... Cario...

Zorch: Totally not rad! SAVE US VAMPOSISSY!

Vampos: Firth of all, My name ith not Vampothithy. Thecond of all, WE MUTH FIGHT HIM!

Lucario: Lucario?

Zorch: How will we do it?


To be continued... (Plz make Vampos, Zorch, and Lucario VS Goat (Pokemon Battle) @TheFrozenFrosticonKings)

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