Thunderbolt X:You wanna duel?



Thunderbolt X LP 4000

Footi LP 4000

Thunderbolt X:I'll go first! I draw! I summon Eclipse Wyvern! Then I end my turn!

Footi:Alright then, I draw! I summon Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner! Then I summon Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, then I'll end my turn, it's your move!

Thunderbolt X:I draw! I summon Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior, then I Overlay my 2 Level 4 monsters, with these monsters, I build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 39:Utopia!

Footi:A NUMBER?!

Magnifo:It's Number 39:Utopia! This is the first time I saw a Number!

Thunderbolt X:Go UTOPIA! Attack his Lumina!


LP 4000 - LP 1500 = LP 2500

Flain:Now Footi's Life Points are the same ATK points as Utopia! Utopia has 2500 Attack Points, so now Footi's LP is the same ATK points as Number 39!

Thunderbolt X:Then I summon Ambitious Gofer and end my turn!

Footi:I draw!.......I end my turn with a facedown.

Thunderbolt X:(thinking) He ended his turn already, but I thought he was gonna summon a monster and try to attack Utopia, but instead he ended his turn.

I draw! I activate the field spell The Seal of Orichalcos, all the monsters I control gains 500 Attack Points, but I only control Number 39:Utopia, so Utopia gains 500 ATK points.

ATK 2500 + ATK 500 = ATK 3000

Thunderbolt X:Then I summon Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Dragon! Now my Dragon can attack your Ryko!

Footi:Luckily my Ryko is in Defense Mode (DEF mode)! So when a monster attacks a monster in DEF mode, the controller takes no battle damage, but the monster in DEF mode is destroyed!

Thunderbolt X:But my Utopia can now attack you directly!

Footi:(thinking) I completely forget about Number 39!



LP 2500 - LP 3000 = LP 0

Thunderbolt X WIN

Flain:Thunderbolt X didn't take any damage!

Announcer:Now to Round 2! Flain VS Volectro!

Flain:You ready to duel me again?

Volectro:I'm ready!


To be continued....

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