It is a small Trailer Mixelland DVD.


Narrator: Know Mixels incredible creatures that can blend some Mixels they are nice and others not so much but if he join his strength of three of the same tribe he make a MAX the Mixels known are Flain: He's a smarter Infernite with spicy brain Seismo: Is compadre Flain he has a large walk ... is ... is very giant and also have Volectro: he is the one who has hair and has more brain that Flain but Flain not care much for it are seeing this trailer to start mix but care with Nixels

Narrator of Cartoon Network: The event of Mixels: In July 22:00 at night on Cartoon Network


All Mixels of series 1 (except Krader and Shuff)


In one of the scenes when Mixelland Episode Volectro raised his finger one of your electrical nails are missing but it was not fixed in the episode.

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