Another short episode!


Flain thinks he's being hunted by Sonic.exe and Tails Doll.


  • Flain:(looks out the window, sees Tails Doll sitting by the porch)

(5-10 mins later)

  • Flain:(looks out the window, sees both Sonic.exe and Tails Doll) Uh oh....

(Knocking on back door)

  • Tails Doll:Flain.......Flain.......
  • Flain:O_O Please don't kill me.
  • Sonic.exe:We just want to be friends.......PSYCHE! Why would we kill the expert of all dueling?
  • Flain:You're not gonna kill me?
  • Tails Doll:Of course not, you're cool. It's like you won't be defeated in any duel.
  • Flain:AND I'm better than Volectro.


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