Sonic.EXE got nauseous and Tails Doll & Flain tries to make him better.


(Sonic.EXE is heard vomiting)

  • Tails Doll:Hey dude.
  • Sonic.EXE:Hey.
  • Tails Doll:I got you some blood.
  • Flain:Yes, we all know how much you like blood.
  • Sonic.EXE:Why did you bring him here?
  • Flain:Because I'm your best friend, and a sick friend is NOT remaining sick without some friends to make him/her feel better. Besides, I'm the greatest duelist in Mixel Land.

(Tails Doll is seen putting Sonic.EXE back on the bed)

  • Sonic.EXE:A cup of blood?
  • Tails Doll:Again, we all know how much you like blood in a cup.

(Sonic.EXE vomits on Tails Doll)

  • Tails Doll:I'm gonna wash.....
  • Flain:Well, you have your cup of blood and a TV, so if you need me or Tails Doll or both, you press THIS button.
  • Sonic.EXE:Okay.

(1 hour later)

(Small alarm blares)

  • Tails Doll:Yes, Sonic.EXE?
  • Sonic.EXE:I need a refill.
  • Tails Doll:Okay.
  • Sonic.EXE:Hey, Flain?
  • Flain:Yeah?
  • Sonic.EXE:Do you still have that playlist of you dueling other duelists?
  • Flain:Yes.

(1-2 days later)

  • Sonic.EXE:I feel better.
  • Flain:Yay! I'm gonna play Need For Speed:Underground!
  • Both:We're gonna play too!


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