Flain, Sonic and Tails agrees to work together to find the other numbers with Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and Dark Sonic.


(Mixels Logo appears, then Flain is seen driving his car and he sees Sonic and Tails walking by).

  • Flain:Hey guys......AH!
  • Sonic:Don't you know what time it is?
  • Flain:It's 11pm, what happened to you, Sonic?
  • Sonic:I thought you weren't going to notice.
  • Flain:Well, I do. The picture I'm holding looks exactly like you. Is that you in werewolf form?
  • Sonic:Yes?
  • Flain:OKAY. So you want to help me get the rest of the numbers?
  • Tails:The number cards?
  • Flain:Listen, Fox. We have to work together if we want to get the rest of the numbers.
  • Sonic:Um, we don't want to get the numbers. You do.
  • Flain:I'll get you chili dogs.
  • Sonic:It's a deal.

(Flain drives Sonic and Tails in his car, picks up Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and Dark Sonic).

  • Sonic.exe:(demonic voice) Hey, Sonic.
  • Sonic:O_O Hi?
  • Dark Sonic:So, our mission is to get all the number cards.
  • Tails:Okay.
  • Flain:Let's go get the rest of the numbers!


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