Flain:Let's duel!


Flain LP 4000

Teslo LP 4000

Teslo:I'll go first! I draw! I summon Armored Bee. Then i summon Beetron. I overlay my 2 bee monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 66: Master Key Beetle.

Flain:Same old Number 66......

Teslo:I end my turn.

Flain:I draw! I summon Cosmo Queen & Tri-Horned Dragon both from my hand. I overlay my 2 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 22:Zombiestein. Attack Number 66.


LP 4000 - LP 2000 = LP 2000

Flain:I end my turn.

Teslo:I draw! I summon Hercules Beetle. Next, i'll summon Basic Insect. I end my turn.

Flain:I draw! GO, attack Hercules Beetle.


LP 2000 - LP 3000 = LP 0

Flain WIN

King Nixel:(growls)

Nixel:King Nixel, That mixel.....

King Nixel:Yes, i know. It's that "Flain" mixel. He thinks he's best at dueling. And everyone knows he's a Number Hunter.

Nixel:Yes, he is, but he's undefeated.

King Nixel:WHAT?! Impossible. This can no longer go on. Flain must be DESTROYED!!

Nixel:Yes, but.....

King Nixel:I'll send out everyone after him if i have to! He must be done for.......

Meltus:FLAIN! Wait, wait up....A-CHOO!

(closes door)

Meltus:Open up or i'll probably sneeze the whole door open....A-CHOO!


Meltus:What are you doing?

Flain:Building a deck.

Meltus:What's this? Is this a Number card?

Flain:Yes, and it's mine.

(someone opens door)

Sonic.EXE:Whew! I got a new number.

Flain:A chaos number?

Sonic.EXE:Number C40: Gimmick Puppet of Dark Strings.

Flain:My number has more Attack points.

Sonic.EXE:Number 22? It has to be the best Xyz monster you got in your Extra Deck.

Flain:That's is. The EXEs and the Darks are defeated. But we have a new threat.

Nurp-Naut:What about us?

Flain:I'm pretty sure you guys will be great in our team.

Tails Doll:Are you sure?



Tails Doll:I don't trust them....a little.

Flain:Well, i do.....a little.

Niksput:We heard that.

King Nixel:More of them?! Looks like our target isn't alone. (evil laugh)

To be continued......

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