• Here are the following duels/battles happening:

LBX-LBX Battle
Mech-MixelMech Battle
Pokémon-Pokémon Battle

  • Sonic.EXE VS Dark Comet
  • Tails VS Foxy
  • Tails Doll VS Dark Flash (Mech)
  • Sonic VS Dr. Eggman
  • Flain VS Dark Teslo
  • Teslo VS Dark Knuckles
  • Mr.McLeish VS Major Nixel
  • Kite VS Dark Flain
  • Knuckles VS Dark Magnifo
  • Woody Woodpecker VS Dark Volectro
  • Amy VS Sally.EXE
  • Ferione VS Dark Sakura
  • Silver VS Amy.EXE
  • Mario VS Bowser Jr
  • Luigi VS Bowser
  • Black Tails VS Dark Major Nixel
  • Red Tails VS Dark Dr. Eggman
  • Zack VS Cream.EXE (LBX)
  • Rodney VS Super Dark Tails
  • Dine & Dash VS Golden Freddy (Mech)
  • Fender VS Ratchet
  • Yuma VS Dark Seismo
  • Magnifo VS Dark Footi
  • Rocko VS Dark Vulk (Mech)
  • Thunderbolt Red X VS Silver.EXE
  • Thunderbolt X VS Shadow.EXE
  • Van VS Toy Bonnie (LBX)
  • SpongeBob VS Toy Freddy
  • Lucario VS Toy Chica
  • Master Chief VS Mangle (AKA Toy Foxy)
  • Wallace VS Victor
  • Gromit VS Feathers McGraw (LBX)
  • Comet VS Dark Freddy
  • Flash VS Dark Tails (LBX)
  • Rocky VS Mrs.Tweedy
  • Roddy VS The Toad (Mech)
  • Ginger VS Mr.Tweedy
  • Rita VS Le Frog (Mech)
  • Dark Sonic VS Shredder (Pokémon)
  • Krader VS Tiger Claw (Pokémon)
  • Seismo VS Lock-Down
  • Flain VS Megatron
  • Black Tails VS Galvatron
  • Red Tails VS Sentinel Prime
  • Lucario VS Megatronus Prime
  • Lord Of Skull Spiders VS Tahu (Pokemon)
  • Ekimu VS Skull Grinder (Pokémon)
  • Flain VS Siebold (Pokémon)
  • Lewa VS Siebold (Pokémon)

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