The Cragsters Destroy The Little Princess Castle is the final episode of the obscure television series available on Netflix "Little Princess".


  • [The Cragsters are seen digging in their Mine until Seismo accidentally ends up in an entirely different show.]
  • Shuff: We need find Seismo!
  • Krader: Me follow dig-dig hole!
  • Shuff: Me think do that too.
  • Seismo: (Ends up in the Little Princess television series) Me no like place... Me scared!
  • General: AAAAAAAHHHHH! It's a giant! I SHALL SLAY YOU WITH NESSIE! (Rapidly hits Seismo with Nessie)
  • Seismo: Me slay General too! (Steps on General, which makes blood splatter everywhere on Seismo's foot)
  • [Krader & Shuff dig to the Little Princess kingdom]
  • Krader: Seismo?
  • Shuff: Seismo where you?
  • Seismo: Me here!
  • Little Princess: Ahh! Monsters!
  • Krader: We not monsters!
  • Shuff: We Mixels!
  • King: What is it dear?
  • Little Princess: Throw them into the dungeon!
  • Seismo: Oh no you don't! (Kicks King into the river.)
  • King: Oh dear, my clothes are wet! (Piranhas appear out of the pond) Oh, hello little piranhas! (Gets killed by piranhas)
  • [Thousands of knights appear and attack the Cragsters]
  • Seismo: Oh no! We need kill kingdom!
  • Shuff: Maybe too late!
  • Krader: Maybe we need more fast!
  • [All 3 Cragsters dig into the My Big Big Friend television series]
  • Krader: Can we borrow elephant?
  • Yuri: First of all, his name is Goliath. And no thanks.
  • Shuff: We have diamonds! You get rich!
  • Yuri: Okay then... If you insist...
  • Krader: (Grabs Goliath)
  • Yuri: Wow! You are strong!
  • Krader: Of course me am!
  • [The Cragsters dig back to the Little Princess kingdom]
  • Seismo: TASTE FOOT CASTLE! (Kicks castle)
  • Shuff: (Headbutts castle) You want piece of me?
  • Yuri: (Pops out of hole) Didn't I just tell you that his name is Goliath?
  • Krader: (Throws Goliath)
  • Goliath: HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!! (Makes the castle ALMOST collapse) I'm okay...
  • Krader: Elephant not strong enough!
  • Yuri: His name is GOLIATH!!!
  • Shuff: How about we fix it...
  • Seismo: With Max it?
  • Cragsters Max: Goodbye castle! (Turns into boulder and bowls over castle, creating a huge explosion)
  • Krader: Us do good!
  • Seismo: Yeah Krader!


  • This episode is called "I want to kill the Cragsters" in the Little Princess TV series, while in the Mixels videos, the episode is called The Cragsters Destroy The Little Princess Castle.

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