Tails Doll LP 3100

Tails Doll.EXE LP 2500

Tails Doll.EXE:My turn! I draw! I summon Drill Barnacle. I activate its effect. This card can attack you directly. Each time this card inflicts Battle Damage to you by a direct attack: This card gains 1000 ATK. Attack Tails Doll.

Tails Doll:UUGGHH!

LP 3100 - LP 300 = LP 2800

Tails Doll.EXE:Next, i summon Drillago. I activate its effect. If the only cards you control are face-up monsters with 1600 or more ATK, this card can attack you directly.

Tails Doll:AAAAHHH!

LP 2800 - LP 1600 = LP 1200

Tails Doll:I activate my facedown card, Dian Keto the Cure Master. I can gain Life Points by 1000 points.

LP 1200 + LP 1000 = LP 2200

Tails Doll.EXE:I end my turn.

Tails Doll:I draw! Attack Drillago, Galaxy Eyes!


LP 2500 - LP 2900 = LP 0

Tails Doll WIN

Tails Doll:Until next time, clone.


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