This is a parody of Sesame Street from User:TURBOMixel997.


  • Flain:A cup of coffee, a sandwich and you...uh, waiter?
  • Teslo:Just a moment, sir.
  • Flain:Uh, WAITER?
  • Telso:Just a second.
  • Flain:Everytime I come here....WAITER!!
  • Teslo:Ah! *falls on floor*
  • Flain:OH. Sorry.
  • Teslo:Please do not do that.
  • Flain:I'm ready to order now.
  • Teslo:Oh, very good, sir. I'm your waiter, Teslo and I lost my nametag. Have you perused our menu?
  • Flain:Yes, I have.
  • Teslo:Very good, well, before you order, its my duty as a waiter and a gentle monster to tell you that we don't have all the things on the menu, we only some of the things on the menu, not all, some.
  • Flain:Well, thanks for telling me, let's see, do you have the turkey?
  • Teslo:No, I'm sorry, sir. But we are all out of the turkey.
  • Flain:Well, spinach salad looks good, do we any of that?
  • Teslo:No.
  • Flain:Tuna fish?
  • Teslo:Nope.
  • Flain:Uh, artichoke, swiss cheese, fruit cup, country ribs?
  • Teslo:Uh, no, no, no and no.
  • Flain:Well, what do you have?
  • Teslo:We have milk.
  • Flain:O_O MILK?
  • Teslo:Yes!
  • Flain:That's all, just milk?
  • Teslo:Yes, well, that's not all. Milk is good!
  • Flain:But that's only 1 thing, not some.
  • Teslo:So we already have 1 thing, 1 thing. But 1 to none, right, sir?
  • Flain:Well, I guess so. So yeah, bring me a glass of milk.
  • Teslo:I'm sorry, I cannot do that, sir.
  • Flain:Why not, you said you had milk?
  • Teslo:We do milk, but we're all out of glasses.
  • Flain: *sigh*
  • Teslo:I can get you a saucer of milk, how about a bucket of milk?
  • Flain:That's disgusting.


Link to video:

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