Teslo:Let's go!


Teslo LP 4000

Volectro LP 4000

Super Dark Tails LP 8000

Teslo:I'll make the first move! I draw! I summon Empress Mantis, 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom & Bachibachibachi. Now I Overlay my Ladybug & Bee in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 20: Giga-Brilliant.


Sonic.EXE:How could Teslo get a number like Flain?

Teslo:Then i'll end my turn.

Volectro:My turn! I draw! I summon Inzektor Dragonfly, GO Dragonfly, attack Tails directly!

Super Dark Tails:UUUGGGHH!!

LP 8000 - LP 1000 = LP 7000

Volectro:Then i'll end my turn!

Super Dark Tails:Ending you will be next! I draw! I summon Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World & Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World. GO Beiige, squash that Dragonfly!


LP 4000 - LP 600 = LP 3400

Super Dark Tails:Attack him directly, Lucent!


LP 3400 - LP 2400 = LP 1000

Super Dark Tails:Then i'll activate the continuous spell Blaze Accelerator. I target Teslo's monster. Bye-Bye, Number 20! I end my turn!

Teslo:I draw, I activate Foolish Burial. Then i end my turn!

Super Dark Tails:I draw! I summon Fabled Raven GO Raven, attack him directly!


LP 1000 - LP 1300 = LP 0

Super Dark Tails:Lucent, attack Teslo!


LP 4000 - 2400 = LP 1600

Super Dark Tails:GO Beiige, attack him as well!


LP 1600 - LP 1600 = LP 0

Super Dark Tails WIN

Sonic.EXE:They lost.

Flain:TESLO, VOLECTRO!! Super Dark Tails, I want to duel you!

Super Dark Tails:Okay, let's go!

Flain:Locked and loaded!


To be continued......

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