Tails:Let's race!



Tails VS Seismo

Tails:Nitro, GO!

(Nitro comes out of exhaust tip)

Seismo:(Crashes into car) AAAAAAHHHHH!

Tails:HA HA HA! WHOA! (almost crashes into car) That was a close one.

Seismo:Nitro, GO!

(Nitro comes out of exhaust tip)

Tails:(Rams into Seismo)


Tails WIN

Announcer:Tails wins the race!

Flain:Way to go!


(at the headquarters)

Sonic.EXE:That was a close one. Throw the dart at the middle next time.

Tails Doll:Okay. (throws dart)


Flain:Tails won this first Need For Speed race.

Major Nixel:Wow!


Major Nixel:Look at my car.

Nfs underground honda civic si

Flain:That is impressive.

Major Nixel:I spraypainted it.

Flain:Okay. My car's better. Besides, no one in Mixel Land called me "The Undefeated Number Hunter" for nothing when we were dueling the Darks and the EXEs, i was the only Mixel in the team who never lost a duel.

Flain.EXE:Number Hunter, huh? Well, Flain, looks like you're about to meet your match.

To be continued.....

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