Sally.EXE:Dark Sphere Field!

Tails:Looks like you have a sphere field yourself.

Flain:TAILS! Here.

Tails:(catches card) (thinking) Number 32? Why would Flain give me a number card?

(Sally.EXE laughs demonically)

Number:Let the number take hold.

Tails:(thinking) She has a number.

Flain:Number 44?

Tails:Let's duel!


Tails LP 4000

Sally.EXE LP 4000

Sally.EXE:I draw! I summon 7 Colored Fish. Then i'll summon Alien Shocktrooper from my hand. Then i Overlay my 2 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 44:Sky Pegasus.

Tails:(thinking) Luckily, the number Flain gives me has 1000 more ATK points.

Sally.EXE:I end my turn!

Tails:I summon Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier, Snowman Creator & Yado Karu. I now Overlay my 3 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 32:Shark Drake. GO Shark Drake, attack Sky Pegasus!


LP 4000 - LP 1000 = LP 3000

Tails:I activate Shark Drake's special ability! Once per turn, when this attacking card destroys one of your monsters by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, i can use an Overlay Unit to Special Summon the destroyed monster to your side of the field in Attack Mode. It also loses 1000 ATK points and Shark Drake can attack again. So GO, attack Sky Pegasus again!


LP 3000 - LP 2000 = LP 1000

Flain:Tails has to do a direct attack, or use Shark Drake's special ability again to win the duel and i can get Sally.EXE's number (which is Number 44).

Tails:I end my turn.

Sally.EXE:I draw! I summon Ally Mind, then end my turn!

Tails:I draw! GO Shark Drake, attack Ally Mind.


LP 1000 - LP 1000 = LP 0

Tails WIN

Tails:Good guys always win duels.

Flain:Welcome home, Number 44.

Dark Comet:We have to do something to stop Flain and those duelists. Someday, we'll do it.


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