Tails Doll LOVES "Can You Feel The Sunshine"

(Tails Doll turns music on)

"Can you see? The sun is shinin' on me.
It makes me feel so free, so alive!
It makes me want to survive!
And the sky, it makes me feel so high,
The bad times pass me by
'cause today is gonna be a brighter day!"

(Tails Doll humming)

Tails Doll:I like it.

(5 minutes later.....)

Tails Doll:I want to listen to it again.

(Another 5 minutes later......)

Tails Doll:Again!

(Yet another 5 minutes later.....)

"Can you feel the sunshine?
Does it brighten up your day?
Don't you feel that sometimes
You just need to run away?
Reach out for the sunshine
Forget about the rain
Just think about the good times
And they will come back again
Feel the sunshine...
Without you,
there's nothing for me to do
Can you feel the sunshine, too?
It's comin' through;
it makes me feel brand new
When you're here,
I wish you were always near
'cause everything's so clear
And today
is gonna be a brighter day"

Tails Doll:I liked the ACID remix too.

Tails doll by ss2sonic-d315l8a

Tails Doll:Looking good, Tails Doll. At last, i can get some peace and quiet, taking a break from number hunting. I'm sure Flain & Sonic.EXE is taking my place for now.

That doll

Tails Doll:
"You'll never be alone
when darkness comes
i'll light the night
with stars
here the whispers in the dark
No, you'll never be alone
when darkness comes you know
i'm never far
here the whispers in the dark"

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