Tails LP 4000

Dark Knuckles LP 7500

Flain LP 4000

Dark Knuckles:So, your little buddy Flain came here to join us to duel, i heard you were a Number Hunter.

Flain:That's right. So, i draw! I summon Cosmo Queen. Tri-Horned Dragon, Gagaga Magician & Gagaga Girl all from my hand. First, i'll overlay my Cosmo Queen & Tri-Horned Dragon in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 22:Zombiestein.

Dark Knuckles:On your first turn, Flain.

Flain:I'm not done yet. Next, i'm overlaying my 2 Gagagas in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 39:Utopia. Attack him directly, Zombiestein.

Dark Knuckles:AAAAHHH!

LP 7500 - LP 4500 = LP 3000

Flain:Attack him as well, Utopia.

Dark Knuckles:AAAAHHH!

LP 3000 - LP 2500 = LP 500

Flain:I end my turn.

Dark Knuckles:I draw! I summon 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom & 3-Hump Lacooda. Then i end my turn.

Flain:I draw! GO, attack the Ladybug, Utopia.


LP 500 - LP 1700 = LP 0

Flain/Tails WIN

Flain:Good job, you guys.

To be continued.....

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