Tahu Set



Lord of Skull Spiders Set

Lord of Skull Spiders

Tahu: You ready to battle?

Lord of Skull Spiders: I'm ready to win! Go Honchkrow!

Tahu: Go Emboar!

Lord of Skull Spiders:Use Night Slash, Honchkrow!

Tahu: Emboar, dodge it. Use Hammer Arm!

(Hits Honchkrow)

Tahu:Your Pokemon is almost done for, one more attack and it's done.

Lord of Skull Spiders:Use Night Slash again!

Tahu:Dodge it and use Hammer Arm!

(Hits Honchkrow)

Tahu/Emboar WIN

Lord of Skull Spiders:I will return (soon).

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