Th 7




Dark Sonic


Sonic.EXE LP 4000

Dark Sonic LP 4000

Sonic.EXE:I draw! I summon Monster Tamer in ATK mode, then I summon Shadow Ghoul in ATK mode as well. Then I activate the field spell Zombie World, ALL monsters on the field and in every graveyard become Zombie-type monsters. Then I Overlay my 2 level 5 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network! I Xyz Summon ZW - Leo Arms!

Dark Sonic:3000 ATK?!

Sonic.EXE:I end my turn with a facedown!

Dark Sonic:I draw! I summon Armed Ninja in ATK mode. Then I activate the spell card Goblin's Secret Remedy, I can increase my LP by 600. Then I end my turn!

LP 4000 ↔ LP 4600

Sonic.EXE:I draw! I summon Enraged Muka Muka in ATK mode, then activate its effect (it gains 400 ATK and DEF points for each card in my hand). I have 6 cards in my hand, so Enraged Muka Muka gains 2400 ATK points.

ATK 1200 ↔ ATK 3600

Sonic.EXE:Now I summon Stegocyber in DEF mode and then activate the spell card Hinotama, (you take 500 points of damage).

Dark Sonic:WHAT?!

LP 4600 - LP 500 = LP 4100

Sonic.EXE:Now ZW-Leo Arms, attack his Armed Ninja!

Dark Sonic:AAAAAAHHH!!

LP 4100 - LP 2700 = LP 1400

Sonic.EXE:Now, my Muka Muka will attack you directly!


LP 1400 - LP 3600 = LP 0


Sonic.EXE wins the Duel!

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