TurboMixel makes a NEW show called "The Adventures Of Sonic.EXE & Tails Doll" on YouTube and decides to put Sonic.EXE & Tails Doll in it.


(Tails Doll sees a letter on the door, reads it)

  • Tails Doll:Hey Sonic.EXE!
  • Sonic.EXE:A letter?

(Sonic.EXE reads the letter)

  • Sonic.EXE:We have been chosen to be in TurboMixel997's new show on YouTube.

(At the studio....)

  • TurboMixel997:Hey, you must be Sonic.EXE & Tails Doll.
  • Tails Doll:And we want to be in your new series.
  • TurboMixel997:Okay.


  • TurboMixel997:So far, we've made 2 episodes of the series.
  • British Sonic lll:(British accent) Hello there, i would like to be a special guest on your next episode.
  • TurboMixel997:Okay, you're in.
  • British Sonic lll:(British accent) Thank you, now i'm going to have my tea.
  • Sonic.EXE:We'll be back for the new episode with British Sonic.
  • TurboMixel997:Okay.
  • Female Tails:Well, that was a good episode i've been in.
  • TurboMixel997:It was almost Valentine's Day when i uploaded it.
  • Female Tails:Right.
  • TurboMixel997:Okay, so, in the Valentine's Day special, you agree to come?
  • Female Tails:Maybe, because i was acting like it was Tails Doll's valentine.
  • Tails Doll:(in the radio) "Hey, Daisy. You're pretty."
  • Female Tails:I like when he called me "pretty".
  • TurboMixel997:Yeah, because you were acting to be Tails Doll's valentine.


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