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Seismo is a Cragster Mixel. Seismo is a gentle giant. One of the sweetest-natured Mixels, Seismo's personality is the exact opposite of his tough appearance. While he can still wallop Nixels with ease and is quick to say when he dislikes someone, deep down, he is just a shy and timid Mixel. Like the other Cragsters, he lacks intelligence, but he makes up for it through brute strength and a surprising cunning streak.

Mixels Fanon Wiki Description

Seismo is a duelist in Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh and is a beginner at dueling, like Fender.

Seismo's Pokémon team


Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Thunderbolt Red X (LOSE)

Pokemon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Flain (WIN)

Need For Speed Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Tails (LOSE)

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