41527 Rokit a
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Orbitons
Age N/A
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height N/A
Weight N/A

Rokit is an mixel in the Orbitons tribe. he uses any type of Pokémon. and he is one of the trainers that has a Legendary pokemon.

Pokémon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Herobrine (Unknown. Battle not finished yet.)


Greninja (Used against Herobrine.)

Lucario (Used against Herobrine. Mega evolves.)

Eevee (was seen after Rokit was hit by the microphone, saying "Eevee? (Translation: Are you okay?)", when Flain and Seismo Battling.)


Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.


Dark Orbitons

He isn't great friends with them.

Pokémon owned by different characters
Trainers and Pokémon
Rokit: Greninja / Lucario / Eevee / Yveltal / TBA / TBA
Burnard: Groudon / TBA / TBA / TBA / TBA / TBA
Boogly: Gengar / Darkrai / TBA / TBA / TBA / TBA


He also appears in Orbitons Crash The Astroblast Space Station.

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