Flain LP 4000

Teslo LP 3800

Comet LP 4000

Flash LP 4000

Thunderbolt Red X LP 4000

Thunderbolt X LP 4000


Dark Volectro LP 4000

Dark Magnifo LP 4000

Dark Magnifo:My monster can attack Teslo directly.


LP 3800 - LP 2900 = LP 900

Dark Magnifo:Then I summon Gravekeeper's Chief from my hand in ATK mode, then I Overlay my 2 Level 5 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Empress of Prophecy. Then activate its special ability! This monster gains 300 ATK points by every Xyz Material it has. This monster gains 600 ATK.

ATK 2000 ↔ ATK 2600

Dark Magnifo:I---

Flain:I activate the counter trap Chivalry! It can negate the activation of your monster and destroy that monster! It destroys YOUR XYZ MONSTER!

Dark Magnifo:You're lucky! I end my turn!

Dark Volectro:I draw! I summon Beast of Talwar in ATK mode, then I end my turn!

Teslo:I draw! I activate the continuous spell Don Thousand's Throne! During each of your end phases, I can gain Life Points equal to the battle damage I took by 500. END OF TURN!

To be continued.....

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