Red Tails, Black Tails, Cool Pikachu and Lucario play Need For Speed:Underground

Tails Fan Art

Red Tails

Dark tails by darkshadowsgirl

Black Tails


Cool Pikachu



Hey guys, Red Tails, Black Tails, Cool Pikachu and Lucario here are gonna play Need For Speed: Underground!

  • Cool Pikachu:Let's go!

(Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz-Get Low plays)

(Everyone dances to music)

(After the song......)

  • Lucario:Let's play some Need For Speed!

(game loading)

  • Red Tails:Okay, start race!
  • Black Tails:So, we're going to drive this car in the first race in the game?
  • Lucario:I almost crash into something.
  • Cool Pikachu:Wow, I'm doing good.

(After the race......)

  • All:We did it.
  • Lucario:We did good, we did.
  • Cool Pikachu:I want to play online.
  • Lucario:Let's play ONLINE.
  • Red Tails:Everyone's online.
  • Black Tails:Hey, brother.
  • Red Tails:Hey.

(game loading)

  • Red Tails:Start!

(everyone starts their cars)

Here's the song the guys were dancing to:

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