The Pokémon/Digimon/Mixels Wiki aims to create a large database for all there is to know about the popular Cartoon Network, The LEGO Group, Toei Animation, The Pokemon Company & OLM, Inc. media franchises, Mixels, Pokemon (Anime), Pokemon and Digimon. The wiki was founded on November 4, 2014. by LexTheCoolRaichu133.



In November 4th, The wiki was created by LexTheCoolRaichu133. In the Wiki's previous times, the Wiki was named Mixelland Wiki. A user named TheFrozenFrosticonsKings joined the Wiki 2 days after it was created, and was promoted to ADMIN. Then, after Mixelland Wiki. After TFFK, a user named Hot-dog-burger and was promoted to ADMIN. The wiki's YouTube channel was created 1 month after the Wiki was created. Then, Hot-dog-burger was later promoted to Chat Moderator. The Wiki was renamed to Mixels Fanon Wiki. Then, in 2015, the Wiki was renamed (yet again) to Pokémon/Digimon/Mixels Wiki and it grew bigger. During the wiki's construction of having a new look by LexTheCoolRaichu133 (The FOUNDER), Lex created the Rules/Policies for the Wiki, the picture was a Nixel in a cannon saying Don't be a Nixel. Then, the picture and description was changed. The picture was a picture of Shoutmon from Digimon Fusion, the description said Shoutmon says: always be a good editor. The wiki navigation was upgraded with Other and Wiki. The wiki creates Pokémon battles, Yu-Gi-Oh duels, Gameplays, Sing-a-longs, Mixel-Mech battles, Fanon Episodes, LBX/Transformers battles and Pokémon Racing articles! Another wiki was made by LexTheCoolRaichu133 (The FOUNDER) named Pokémon Fanon Wiki. The wiki was first named Lucario/Pokémon Fanon Wiki, then Pokémon Fanon Wiki.

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