The Player is an unnamed street racer, the role of the Player is to be a faceless protagonist that any person playing the game could foresee being during the story. The character is shown in footage as a male although this could be fit the genre's target consumer market. The player has appeared in the Pokemon Racing series and is friends with the Pokemon he met in the first Pokemon Racing game.

Before Pokemon Racing

The player was known as a Pokemon Trainer, but then decided to become a racer.

Pokemon Racing

The player was known being chased by Team Rocket driving a Nissan 350Z. He is saved by Ash Ketchum, a Pokemon Trainer with his Pikachu. He becomes friends with Lucario, Shinx, Pikachu, Tepig, Snivy, and The Eeveelutions, with the help of his Pokemon friends, The player eventually beats Team Rocket.

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