The lost episode of Uncle Grandpa. Nuff said.


[Start in the UG RV. Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, and Mr. Gus are seen eating pizza.]

  • Pizza Steve: BOY, I TASTE GOOD!
  • Mr. Gus: You sure do. In fact, I might wanna taste test you... (Grins)
  • Slice Stu: (Gets picked up by Pizza Steve) HeLlO cOuSiN
  • Pizza Steve: THIS PIZZA IS SO GOOD THAT I'M STARTING TO HEAR THINGS! (Eats Slice Stu. Tomato sauce goes everywhere.)
  • Mr. Gus: Um, Pizza Steve... I think you just committed cannibalism.
  • Pizza Steve: There's no way tha- WAIT DID I JUST EAT MY COUSIN!?
  • Uncle Grandpa: TELL IT TO THE JUDGE!

[Skip to law court.]

  • Teslo: (As judge.) What crime have you committed, Pizza Steve?
  • Pizza Steve: Well, um... Ya see, I uh... Ate pizza and saw things... Nothing wrong with that!
  • Teslo: I see tomato sauce on your face and tomato sauce is technically pizza blood so I see that you ate someone.
  • Pizza Steve: I can explain why tomato sauce is on my face. Well, it all started at Beach City and Steven & the Crystal Gems invited me to dinner because Pearl wanted to date me. That explains the tomato sauce.
  • Garnet: WHAT!?
  • Pearl: I would never marry a slice of food!
  • Amethyst: Liar liar pants on fire yo!
  • Steven: What is going on...
  • Teslo: I WANT THE TRUTH!


Pizza Berzerker

Slice Stu

*Slice Stu was a concept name for Pizza Steve.

Unfinished! DO NOT EDIT!

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