41529 NurpNaut a

Naut (Elder Side)

Nurp-Naut is an Orbiton Mixel.


Nurp (Toddler Side)

Nurp-Naut has two personalities: his two-eyed side has the mind of an innocent toddler, while his cycloptic side has the mind of a wise elder. The latter side is very smart, but Nurp-Naut suffers from forgetfulness that hinders these abilities. He is also sometimes accident-prone.
Nurp-Naut has a white body with a black collar in the middle, and two golden triangular parts on both side. He has yellow-green arms with small golden hands, and a yellow-green underbite with two teeth pointing up. He has a grey body with one dopey eye, and a white highlight surrounding the head, and two points with red tips, and a black antenna. He has two white feet with one yellow-green toenail on each. He also has grey eyelids, and a set of two eyes and lights at the back of the body.
Nurp-Naut can fly with his jetpack and his cycloptic side is very wise.

Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

Pokemon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

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