Nixels Spam is a rule that Nixels always violate whens it are close to pirncipal farse (quote) is always spam "NIXNIXNIXNIX" this makes the Mixels are crazy but a Mix could work or Max (except one Murp because they are weak).

Trivia: It was the only policy that Mixels not violated and instead was the only rule was that the Nixels violated.

In Portuguese is called "Alerta de Nixels" which means "Nixel alert".

This also causes a Nixel miss the voice as shown in the episode Mixelland.


Mixelland (various / thousandths).

The loss of time (one side of your body).

In seek idol (after planning a plan to get the idol).

Outer space (part 1 and part 2) (1: on space 2: the final).

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