(Flain is seen walking outside)

(wolf bites him)

  • Flain:OW!


  • Meltus:(knocks on door) Flain.....
  • Flain:Don't come in.....
  • Meltus:I hope he's okay.

(moon comes out)

  • Flain:Oh schnixel! (groans)

(Wolf howls)

  • Meltus:....Flain?
  • Flain:(deep voice) Meltus, don't come in. I don't want to hurt you.
  • Meltus:Okay, i guess.

(The next day.....)

  • Flain:What happened last night? (sees Meltus next to him in bed) AH!
  • Meltus:Hey.
  • Flain:Hi?
  • Meltus:I heard a deep voice in your place last night, i was so scared. It said "Meltus, don't come in. I don't want to hurt you."


(moon comes out)

  • Flain:Not again.....(groans)

(Wolf howls)

  • Meltus:(opens door) Flain?


  • Meltus:What was that?

(Flain lands on Meltus)

(Flain runs away)

  • Meltus:?

(The next day.....)

  • Flain:Hey, Meltus.
  • Meltus:Hey, so i saw something landing on me last night like it thought i was a safety cushion.

It looked like you, Flain.

  • Flain:Maybe, it was a costume or something.
  • Meltus:This is the 2nd time i held a wolf howl.
  • Flain:Meltus, i have something to tell you. I was the wolf you heard and saw.
  • Meltus:WHAT?
  • Flain:I know, i got bit by a wolf and i howled.
  • Meltus:No wonder i saw something and i heard a deep voice. A-CHOO!


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