This is the game


But we are doing our own version of Midnight Club ll (with MIXELS)

Mixel Racers

The Firy Infernites

The Cragging Cragsters

The Electric Electroids

The Frosting Frosticons

The Fang Gang

The Flexing Flexers

The King of Spikes

The Glorping Glorp Corp

The Magical Wiztactics


List of tribe racers (in order)

The Magical Wiztactics (1st tribe racers)

The Glorping Glorp Corp (2nd tribe racers)

The King of Spikes (3rd tribe racers)

The Flexing Flexers (4th tribe racers)

The Fang Gang (5th tribe racers)

The Frosting Frosticons (6th tribe racers)

The Electric Electroids (7th tribe racers)

The Cragging Cragsters (8th tribe racers)

The Firy Infernites (9th tribe racers)

The NIXELS (FINAL tribe racers)

List of leaders of tribe racers

Note:All leaders of the tribes are BOSSES.

Flain (tribe racer BOSS)

Krader (tribe racer BOSS)

Teslo (tribe racer BOSS)

Flurr (tribe racer BOSS)

Jawg (tribe racer BOSS)

Kraw (tribe racer BOSS)

Glomp (tribe racer BOSS)

Scropi (tribe racer BOSS)

Magnifo (tribe racer BOSS)

Major Nixel (FINAL tribe racer BOSS)

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