It is a design where all Mixels of Mixelland live here.


This is the episodes of Mixelland DVD

Season 1


The first Mix


The phone

The inacreditable happened in Mixelland but not appears

Cubit cubit


Zaptor's diet

The show of Flain

Donut madness of Mixels or Nixels nix nix to mix mix

Barbecue VS Bar-B-Cubes

Season 2

Meet the Frosticons

Teslo explodes

The loss of time

The totems of Gobba

Much-snow for nothing

Revenge of Flurr

Zorch sore

Problems with Slumbo

The truck

The map of treasure

Zorch speed (part 1)

The great escape (part 1)

All Mixels (original) seeking Lunk (part 1)

Halloween (special)

Christmas (special)

Zorch speed (part 2)


The great escape (part 2)

All Mixels (original) seeking Lunk (Part 2)

Mixels a new event (special)

Festival Mix (special)

The land

The shorts

The picnic

Season 3

Cragsters MAD

The disease Wizwuz

In seek idol

Dancing with Footi

Scorpi lost

Spikels lost in the middle of nowhere

Hug's day

Beach day

Show day (part 1)

Show day (part 2)

Nix nix nixels

The curse of cannibalistic monsters (part 1)

The curse of cannibalistic monsters (part 2)

The coats

Rainbow cubit day (special)

Season 4

Zorch's mother

Meeting with Surly

Genius's pizza

Jabuticaba party

Hopscotch with Jessie

Milk of Potions

In search of the lost unicorn

Jessie gets a boyfriend

Butterflies for Jessie

The first spring Bambi

Valentine's Day

Ico flaming

Season 5

Outer space (part 1)

The dream of Nurp-Naut

Outer space (part 2)

The day Rokit fled the space again

Following episodes

The Pilot

The Trailer

Meet the Infernites

Meet the Cragsters

Meet the Electroids

Removed/future episodes (click at the link for more)

Trivia: Some episodes include characters listed in the credits even though there appeared the episode in which characters are listed include dry more in Ico flaming.

Following episodes not include Mixes, Murps or Maxes.

The Potions use bodies that do not include current bodies.

The episode had more errors was in the shorts.

As Jessie said "Not to my past" in Jessie gets a boyfriend for the future Jessie Jessie asked for a pardon Surly as Jessie the future but said after the future Jessie sighed "I do not know."

Jessie since its debut Zorch's mother she was voiced by Bernadette Ramona but Ico flaming she is voiced by Juliet Prowse.

NURP-naut (as naut) had an exemplary appearance Vampos.

The only episode (it's not actually episode) where Teslo was seen without his triangle was to Donut madness of Mixels or Nixels nix nix to mix mix.

Flurr was very quiet in Meet the Frosticons but in Revenge of Flurr he was nervous and angry.

Milk of Potions when Genius, Fumbling and Surly sang "Milk of shame" was a sequel where they can use as vitamins A B and C.

Scorpi for unknown reasons did not show up for the rest episode because Spikels lost in the middle of nowhere since its debut in Scorpi lost that means he appeared in episode 2 so far however in The disease Wizwuz one of Wizwuz diseases caused make a Scorpi / Wizwuz Murp.

The Season 2 ° there were many special events and special episodes.

The Mixelland episode was a reference to this Wiki.

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