Is the first episode of the first season of Mixelland DVD.

Title: The title is the world Mountain City where is written Mixels.

Description: The Electroids has nothing to do until Volectro have an idea.

Trivia: Volectro saw Zaptor with Vulk who thought it was an intruder and killed him.

Vulk don't talk at this episode.


(It begins with Electroids in Mountain City with boredom)

Teslo: Boredom (plays a distance exploding)

Zaptor: Aah...Zzzzzzap

Volectro: Expects people I have an idea

Teslo: What a loser idea has nothing to do here

Volectro: But here is the Mixelland and has many things to do here lots and lots of...Fuuuuuuuun

Teslo: You are right

Zaptor: Hamlogna

Volectro: Then the...Fuuuuuun calls us we explore

(Cut to Teslo climbing a mountain)

Teslo: I could only I can climb mountains

Nixel: (In a ship)

Teslo: Oh no

(Nixel explodes Teslo falling from the mountain)

(Cut to Zaptor with Vulk in the street)

Zaptor: So then, he said "Don't take any wooden Nixels!" (giggles)

Volectro: (From nothing appears) INTRUDER (Vulk kills)

Zaptor: Volectro that was my friend

Vulk: Ugh

Volectro: It was (Zaptor is sad) It has no problem has a lot to do in Mixelland

(Cut to Teslo walking and finds a zap zap)

Teslo: Zap zap

(One thing appears to zap zap and explodes)

Volectro: Where's Teslo?

Zaptor: (Looks at exploded Teslo)

Volectro: No Teslo is dead

(Teslo revives)

Zaptor: Yay he is back

Teslo: Good tour gave it not very well go home

The end.

Goof: At the credits Vulk is listed as can't talk but in the future he can talk.

Characters: The Electroids (all by Hot-dog-burger).

Vulk (nothing because he can't talk).

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