Get ready because I'll do more Mixelland DVD editions in July crowd then know the Electroids.

Trivia: Despite knowing more tribes will have season 2 3 4 and 5 will also not have to know the other tribes but will have an episode called Know Frosticons.

It seems that Volectro has four teeth that knowledge.


Narrator: Know Electroids they will shock your screen know Teslo Zaptor and Volectro and learn to dance

Narrator of Cartoon Network: Mixels a new event in July 22:00 at night on Cartoon Network



Cragsters (missing)

Errors: (One of the scenes of Hamlognazzz episode) when Teslo Zaptor and Volectro are dancing seems that Cragsters are missing but it was not fixed in the episode.

When the narrator presents Zaptor Volectro and the name is spelled Zaptor Volectro and Volectro this spelled Zaptor.

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