Get ready because I'll do more Mixelland DVD editions in July crowd then know the Cragsters.

Trivia: The narrator is in a different voice.

When Krader Seismo and Shuff dig it seems Krader digs with his feet while he digs in royal with his giant arm.


Narrator: Know Cragsters they will dig your screen know Krader Seismo and Shuff and learn to dig

Narrator of Cartoon Network: Mixels a new event in July 22:00 at night on Cartoon Network



Errors: When Krader Seismo and Shuff dig the right to Seismo foot are disconnected from the right leg and it seems two eyes.

When the narrator presents Krader big arm was in the wrong side and has buck teeth.

When the narrator presents Shuff the name is spelled Shuf.

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