Magnifo pose




Toy Bonnie

Dark Magnifo:I'll crush you, Magnifo! Later. Good Luck!

(demonic laugh)


Toy Bonnie:You must be Magnifo.

Magnifo:What's it to ya?

Toy Bonnie:I'm gonna be dueling you. If i win, your deck & soul will be mine, and if you have a number, i'll take that as well.

Magnifo:Let's go, bunny.


Magnifo LP 4000

Toy Bonnie LP 4000

Toy Bonnie:I'll make the first move! I draw! I summon Morphtronic Radion & Morphtronic Scopen, then i'll Synchro Summon Vylon Delta. I end my turn.

Magnifo:My turn. I draw! I summon Gagaga Magician. Then i'm summoning Gagaga Girl. Then i'll Overlay my 2 Gagagas in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 39:Utopia!

Toy Bonnie:You have a number?!

Magnifo:I'm summoning Summoned Skull. GO Utopia, attack Vylon Delta!

Toy Bonnie:UUGGGHHH!!

LP 4000 - LP 800 = LP 3200

Magnifo:Attack him directly, Summoned Skull!


LP 3200 - LP 2500 = LP 700

Magnifo:One more attack and you're done. I end my turn.

Toy Bonnie:I draw! I activate the continuous trap Morphtronic Bind. While i control a face-up "Morphtronic" monster, all Level 4 or higher monsters you control cannot declare an attack or change their battle positions.

Magnifo:That means the only monster i control will not be able to attack is Summoned Skull, because Xyz Monsters don't have Levels, they have Ranks.

Toy Bonnie:I end my turn!

Magnifo:I draw! GO Utopia, attack him directly!


LP 700 - LP 2500 = LP 0

Magnifo WIN

Magnifo:(thinking) Thanks for giving me Utopia, Flain.

(Flain's Extra Deck box glows)

Flain:You're welcome, Magnifo.


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