Magnifo LP 4000

Megatron LP 4000

Magnifo:I'll go first! I draw! I summon Gagaga Magician. Then i'll summon Gagaga Girl. Then i overlay my 2 Gagaga monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 39:Utopia. I end my turn with a facedown.

Megatron:I draw! I summon Strong Wind Dragon. I summon Lady of D. I activate the spell Dragon's Gunfire. If i control a Dragon-Type monster:I can Activate 1 of these effects. ●You take 800 points of damage.
●I can Target 1 monster with 800 or less DEF, and destroy that target.

I'll pick the 1st one, 800 points of damage.


LP 4000 - LP 800 = LP 3200

Megatron:I activate the spell Polymerization.I can Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from my Extra Deck, using monsters from my hand or my side of the field as Fusion Materials. I use the monsters from my hand. I Fusion Summon Five-Headed Dragon.

Magnifo:5000 ATK points?

Megatron:GO, attack Utopia!

Magnifo:I activate my facedown, Half Unbreak! My monster isn't destroyed and i only take half the damage. AAAAHHH!

LP 3200 - LP 1250 = LP 950

Magnifo:I activate the spell, Dian Keto the Cure Master. I gain Life Points by 1000 points.

LP 950 + LP 1000 = LP 1950

Megatron:I end my turn.

Magnifo:I draw! I summon Anarchist Monk Ranshin. Then summoning Alchemist of Black Spells. GO, Monk! Attack that Lady!


LP 4000 - LP 300 = LP 3700

Magnifo:Utopia, attack Strong Wind!


LP 3700 - LP 100 = LP 3600

Magnifo:I end my turn.

Megatron:I draw! I'll place 3 facedown cards and end my turn.

Magnifo:I draw! GO, Utopia! Attack 5-Headed Dragon! I activate Utopia's special ability! I'm stopping its attack! I activate the spell Double Or Nothing! My monster gets to attack again, but with double the Attack Points.

Number 39:Utopia
ATK 2500 ↔ ATK 5000

Both:They are both destroyed!

(Cody Simpson-Shine Supernova plays)

Magnifo:Attack him directly, Monk!


LP 3600 - LP 1800 = LP 1800

Magnifo:Attack him, Black Spells!


LP 1800 - LP 1200 = LP 600

Magnifo:I end my turn!

Megatron:I draw! I end my turn!

Magnifo:Again?! I draw! GO, Utopia! Attack Megatron!


LP 600 - LP 2500 = LP 0

Magnifo WIN

Dark Magnifo:Magnifo!

Magnifo:Dark Magnifo! Let's duel!

To be continued.....

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