Flain-Fire-Type monsters, Dragon-Type monsters

Tails-Dragon-Type monsters, Warrior-Type monsters

Teslo-Insect-Type monsters

Volectro-Thunder-Type monsters

Sakura, Ribbon and Sweetie-Fairy-Type monsters

Magnifo-Spellcaster-Type monsters

Dark Sonic-Dark-Type monsters

Seismo-Rock-Type monsters

Tails Doll-Fiend-Type monsters

Sonic.exe-Zombie-Type monsters

Major Nixel-Machine-Type monsters

Sonic (Werehog)-Beast-Type monsters

Sonic (Hedgehog)-Warrior-Type monsters


Shark-Sea Serpent-Type monsters


Cream-Fairy-Type monsters

Amy-Fairy-Type monsters

Blaze-Spellcaster-Type monsters

Knuckles-Rock-Type monsters

Tails (Werefox)-Beast-Type monsters

Knuckles (WereEchidna) Beast-Type monsters

The Darks-Dark-Type monsters

Red Tails-Dragon-Type monsters, Thunder-Type monsters

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