Tip: Lex The Wolf is a character i made that belongs to me (and his cat form also belongs to me).

Super Darkspine Dark Sonic is not a REAL character, it's just a name I made up for a picture that I found.

Lex the wolf as a keh kitteh 2 by turbomixelgamer-d95ning

Lex The Wolf (Cat Form)


Darkspine sonic spoilers by trakker

Super Darkspine Dark Sonic

Lex:Who are you?

Dark Sonic:I am your worst nightmare!

*transforms into Darkspine form*

Lex: *transforms into Cat form*


Lex LP 4000

Dark Sonic LP 4000

Lex:I'll go first! I draw! I summon Performapal Whip Snake, then i summon Raidraptor - Vanishing Lanius. Then, i overlay my Whip Snake and Raidraptor. I Xyz Summon Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon. I end my turn with 2 facedowns.

Dark Sonic:I draw! I summon Axe Dragonute and Blackland Fire Dragon, then i overlay my Dragonute and Fire Dragon, I Xyz Summon Cairngorgon, Antiluminescent Knight. I activate the equip spell Black Pendant. I'll equip this on my Knight, and it gains 500 ATK points.

ATK 2450 ↔ ATK 2950

And when this card is sent to the Graveyard, you take 500 points of damage!

I end my turn!

Lex:Alright, i draw! I activate the field spell Sargasso the D.D. Battlefield, whenever we summon an Xyz monster, we take 500 points of damage, even if we end our turn, we still take 500 points of damage, so i end my turn, with that said.

Lex LP 4000 ↔ LP 3500

Dark Sonic:I draw! Attack his Dragon, my Knight!

Lex:I activate the trap Magic Cylinder. Whenever you declare an attack, it's negated and you take damage equal to its ATK points.

Dark Sonic LP 4000 ↔ LP 1050

Dark Sonic:I end my turn with a facedown.

Dark Sonic LP 1050 ↔ LP 550

Lex:I draw! I end my turn.

Dark Sonic:You're really willing to lose, are you? I draw! Attack his Dragon, Ant Knight!

Lex:I activate the trap Magic Cylinder again.

Dark Sonic LP 550 ↔ LP 0


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