41500 Flain c

Dark Flain

Kite:Me & Flain are Number Hunters, and we will NOT let you stand in our way.

Dark Flain:Fine then, let's duel!


Kite LP 4000

Dark Flain LP 4000

Dark Flain:I'll go first! I draw! I summon Final Psychic Ogre, then i'll end my turn with a facedown.

Kite:My turn! I draw! I summon Photon Lizard, Photon Crusher & Galaxy Knight, then i'll tribute my Photon Crusher & Galaxy Knight in order to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon.

Dark Flain:3000 ATK POINTS?

Kite:GO Destroy that Orge!

Dark Flain:AAAAHHH!

LP 4000 - LP 800 = LP 3200

Kite:I'll end my turn for now.

Dark Flain:I draw! I summon D.D. Telepon. Ending my turn!

Kite:Already? I draw! I summon Gellenduo, GO, attack D.D.!

Dark Flain:UUUGGGHHH!!

LP 3200 - LP 1500 = LP 1700

Kite:GO Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, attack him directly!


LP 1700 - LP 3000 = LP 0

Kite WIN

Dark Flain:How could I lose?

Kite:I won, your soul is mine!

Flain:Take that, Dark Flain!


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