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King Nixel is the leader of the Nixels swarm, and the main antagonist of the Mixels franchise.
King Nixel is a dark and powerful tyrant. He will do anything to ruin fun in the universe. So intimidating, even just the sight of him makes his own army shake.
Major Nixel, long thought to be the leader of the Nixels, goes to report the activity of Mixels on the moon to his now-known superior, but even he is afraid as the giant King moves towards him. ("Mixel Moon Madness").

Mixels Fanon Wiki Description

King Nixel is the villain from Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh ll/Mixels-Yu-Gi-Oh:The Next Generation.

Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

Pokemon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

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