Herobrine is a popular Minecraft hoax commonly spreaded by the community, normally said to be Notch's dead brother. Herobrine is normally referred to as a Creepypasta character, or even a gag/meme. It has the player's default skin, only that his eyes are pale and fully white. Several screenshots including Herobrine are most likely photoshopped or another player using the skin of Herobrine when Multiplayer is in use. The legend states that Herobrine is hinted to be in your world when trees do not have their leaves, sings are saying demonic messages, etc. These may be glitches, but the signs are most likely made by other players (If multiplayer is in use) to mislead the player. Notch officially confirms that he does not have a dead brother, nor is Herobrine in the game's files. The update note "Herobrine removed" is a joke made by the creators.

He is featured in the Minecraft Duels series as a main antagonist. He has teamed up with Major Nixel to haunt Minecraft.

Minecraft Opponent(s)/Outcomes

  • Bowser (Unknown. Duel not finished yet.)

Pokémon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Rokit (Unknown. Battle not finished yet.)



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