Globert's messed up dream is the lost episode of Mixels. It was real. I saw it on Playhouse Disney 10 years ago.

Globert was in a coma. Boogly & Vampos didn't give a Schnix. The episode showed Globert's dream. It was all black. Major Nixel was dressed up as Rose Quartz. "Major Quartz" chased Globert for some reason. He ran for days and days until he saw a Mixel named Vampos. He slowly walked up to the Mixel. The Mixel made eye contact with Globert, revealing his face. Vampos had a Lenny Face. He said in a voice unlike Vampos'. He whispered to Globert. He said "Why didn't you call ur mum." and he killed Globert. Globert woke up. I threw away all of my Mixels toys, t-shirts, comics, DVDs, and underpants away. I never watched Mixels again.


All I did was record it and post it on YouTube so I can get lotsa money.

The end.

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