41533 Globert a

Globert is a Glowkie Mixel.
Globert, like the other Glowkies, is a bragger who believes he can dazzle any audience. He is the tribe’s ultimate exhibitionist. He is somewhat flamboyant, as displayed through his voice, his word choices, and his performance outfits. He gets upset when others interrupt his dramatic moments.
Globert has a round body with a tail-like back. He has a mouth with an underbite with two teeth pointing up and a tongue with light cyan color. At the top of the body is a square head connected to the bottom of the body with one large cycloptic eye surrounding the head, and two bat wings on both sides and black pointy ears at the top. He also has two long teeth on both sides with three smaller teeth between them. he also has two feet with two light cyan toenails.

Pokemon Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

Yu-Gi-Oh Opponent(s)/Outcomes

Unknown, so far.

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