"Heinous, Why would you do that?!? EEENNNDDDEEERRR!!!" ~ Flunky, Lolwut S1E4

Flunky is a character from Wonder Quest (Ender: Yes,I watch it. DON'T JUDGE ME!). He is supposed to be one of Heinous' Henchmen, but in this he is a duelist and Ender's Boyfreind (Ender: DON'T JUDGE ME!). He is usually with is brother, Lackey.


His skin/Scales are orange and he has green hair. He has a spiked tail. He has a torn black shirt with the letter "F" on it. He wears a slightly torn pair of evergreen pants. He also has Sharp, pointy teeth.


Dark Flunky/Dark Lackey (WIN w/Lackey)

Ferione,Ender, and Cream (TIE w/Flain and Tails)

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