Sakura: Flain. It's time to get my revenge! Nico Nixara! You'll fight with me!

Flain: Then, I'll do it with Ferione!

Sakura:This. Is. MIXELMECH!!!!!

Ferione: MixelMech?

Sakura: We fight in Robotic mechs in an arena! You get ten mechs to choose from! You ready?

Flain: Oh yeah! Big Bad Woofer is the Arena we fight in!

Sakura: Okay then...

Ferione: I choose the Iron Animal!

Flain: I choose Firey Fighter!

Sakura: I choose the Fantasy Fairy!

Nico: I choose the Night Nixer!

All: Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!


Work In Progress, Do not edit

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