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Flain:Let us duel!


Flain LP 4000

Shadow.EXE LP 4000

Flain:I draw! I summon Cosmo Queen & Tri-Horned Dragon, Then i overlay my 2 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 22:Zombiestein.

Shadow.EXE:A number! I have to defeat him.

Flain:Next I summon Armed Ninja & Crane Crane. I end my turn.

Shadow.EXE:(eerie laughing) Behold, my number.

Eerie Voice:Yes, let the number take hold.

Shadow.EXE:(eerie laughing)

Flain:He has a number.

Shadow.EXE:I draw! I summon Delg the Dark Monarch. Then i summon Gaap the Divine Soldier. Then i Overlay my 2 monsters in order to build the Overlay Network, I Xyz Summon Number 25:Force Focus. GO, Attack Armed Ninja!


LP 4000 - LP 2500 = LP 1500

Shadow.EXE:I got you where i want you now.

Flain:I wouldn't be so sure about that. I draw! I summon Enraged Muka Muka, then activate its special ability, it gains 400 ATK and DEF points for every card in my hand, i have 5 cards, so that's 2000 ATK and DEF points for Enraged Muka Muka.

Enraged Muka Muka
ATK 1200 ↔ ATK 3200
DEF 600 ↔ DEF 2600

Flain:GO, attack Force Focus!

Shadow.EXE:Only a number can destroy a number.

Flain:True! But you still take damage.


LP 4000 - LP 400 = LP 3600


(dark aura gets all over Flain)

Flain:What's happening----

Eerie Voice:Yes, let the number take hold.

Flain:(screaming) Something is taking over.

(Tails Doll's machine glows)

Tails Doll:Flain!

(A hour later....)

Tails Doll:(gasps)

Flain:Tails Doll?

Tails Doll:He's being controlled by a number. (gasps)

(Number 22's number shows on Flain)

Tails Doll:Number 22. He's being controlled by his own number.

(area goes black)

Number 22:Tails Doll.

Tails Doll:Number 22, why are you doing this? What's going on?

Number 22:I am taking over Flain.

Tails Doll:But he's going to attack, until this happened.

Number 22:He will obey me.

Tails Doll:NO! You should obey him!

Number 22:NNNNOOOOO!

(area goes back to normal)

Flain:What happened?

Tails Doll:You were being controlled by Number 22.

Flain:Attack Force Focus!


LP 3600 - LP 1700 = LP 1900

Flain:I activate the quick-play spell card Emergency Provisions. I can send all the spell & trap cards i control to the Graveyard. And i gain 1000 Life Points for each card sent there. I have 2 face-down cards, so that mean 2000 for me.

LP 1500 + LP 2000 = LP 3500

Flain:I end my turn.

Shadow.EXE:I draw! I activate the spell Soul Charge. I can target any number of monsters in my Graveyard. And i can Special Summon them, and by doing that, i take 1000 points of damage for each one, so come back Force Focus.


LP 1900 - LP 1000 = LP 900

Shadow.EXE:I end my turn!

Flain:I draw! GO, attack Force Focus, Enraged Muka Muka.


LP 900 - LP 400 = LP 500

Flain:Attack him directly, Number 22!


LP 500 - LP 4500 = LP 0

Flain WIN

Tails Doll:Wow, he won!

Rouge.EXE:I don't get it, this "Flain" guy is a Number Hunter.

Amy.EXE:That's right.

To be continued.....

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