41504 Seismo b-1-


Flain: Ready to battle?

Seismo: this not Yu-Gi-Oh duel! it Pokémon battle!

Flain: Go Charizard!

Seismo: Go Tyranitar!

Rokit: Let the battle begin! *Microphone hits Rokit* OW!

Rokit's Eevee: Eevee? (Translation: are you okay?)

Flain: Charizard! use sky drop!

Flain's Charizard: Charizard! *uses sky drop*

Rokit: it's not very *Microphone hits rokit again* Nixel Announcer, you do it.... *rokit falls down*

Nixel Announcer: it's not very effective!

Seismo: Tyranitar! use rock slide1

Nixel Announcer: it's super effective! Flain's Charizard fainted!

Flain: this is the first time I lost! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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